Changsha Exhibition Center

Project Description:  The Changsha Exhibition Center is planned as the main commercial development within a new business district.  The project rests between the Liuyang River and a high speed rail corridor. The exposition center is designed as a powerful landmark that engages both the city and the natural landscape welcoming exhibition visitors and local residents with its open plazas.  The center is intended to be more than a commercial mall and expo hall.  Its goal is to create a thoughtful and fun center for all members of the community.  As a destination point the center is both welcoming to it neighbors and responsive to the environment.  The project’s dominant feature, a floating roof canopy, creates a unifying visual horizon line along the river while also creating a cooler microclimate around the buildings.  These shaded areas allow for outdoor plazas with maximized comfort all year round and also encourage the exhibitions and fairs to be held both in and outside of the center.

Project Details:  
Location:  Changsha, China. 2013
Program: 150,000sm Exhibition Center, 50,000sm Conference Center, 2500 seat Grand Theater, 1200 seat Auditorium, Exterior Exhibition Plaza, Exterior Amphitheater, VIP meeting rooms, Restaurant and Cafeteria
Area: 300,000 square meters for center, 1,000,000 square meters for master plan
Budget:  Undisclosed
Collaboration with Kane AUD, ATLV